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CalendarScript is not freeware!

The downloads below are full versions of the software - nothing is crippled, it will not time out, and no registration key is required. However, if you wish to continue using the software, please consult the Pricing page for information about purchasing a license. Discounts are available for non-profit organisations.

Please support the continued development of this application by purchasing the appropriate license(s) for your usage. Thank you.

The application is provided in both .ZIP and .TAR.GZ formats. They contain exactly the same files, but the .TAR.GZ version has unix-style line-feeds and and uses TAR/GZ for compression. Unless you know that you want this version, you should download the ZIP version.


1. Detailed instructions for downloading and setting up the program can be found in the documentation in the section titled Installation and Setup.
2. Questions about installation and setup can be answered in the Support Section of the site.
3. Re-distribution of this script - that is, putting it up on your site or any other media for download - is not permitted.
4. To see changes in different versions, see history.txt

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