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1. Quick Setup Instructions
2. Before You Begin
2.1. Important Questions
2.2. Requirements
3. Installation and Setup
   3.1. Quick Setup
   3.2. Download
   3.3. Uncompress the Archive
   3.4. Modify Perl Scripts
   3.5. Transfer files to the web server
   3.6. Modify File Permissions
   3.7. Run the Admin Application
4. Troubleshooting Installation
5. Getting Started
   5.1. Basic Concepts
   5.2. Calendar Display Basics
   5.3. Calendar Admin Basics
6. Administrative Application
   6.1. Login Screens
   6.2. Events
   6.3. User Admin
   6.4. Calendar Options
   6.5. Global Options
7. Customization
   7.1. Display Templates
     7.1.1. Template Introduction
     7.1.2. Template Procecssing Flow
     7.1.3. Template Example
     7.1.4. Tag Syntax
     7.1.5. Special Calendar Tags
     7.1.6. Defined Variables
     7.1.7. Include Files
     7.1.8. Retrieving Events
     7.1.9. Template Debugging
     7.1.10. Advanced Notes
   7.2. Template Reference
   7.3. Customizing Admin Templates
   7.4. Language Translation
8. Plugins
   8.1. Concept
   8.2. What Plugins Can Do
   8.3. The Basics
   8.4. Adding Permissions
   8.5. Adding Admin Menu Options
   8.6. Adding and Overriding Templates
   8.7. Adding Custom Functionality
9. Advanced Usage
   9.1. SSIs
   9.2. Command-line
10. Security Considerations
   10.1. Changing File Locations
   10.2. Encrypted Passwords
   10.3. File Locking

Printer-friendly Documentation
The CalendarScript documentation has been split into sections to allow you to jump to the specific location which will be most helpful to you. Use the tree at the left to navigate, or click the "Printer-friendly Documentation" link at the bottom for everything in one easy-to-print file.

Quick Setup Instructions
A quick summary of steps required to get the program installed and running. This is for those of you who want to jump into it without reading pages of documentation.

Before You Begin
Lists requirements and information you must have before starting the installation.

Installation and Setup
A step-by-step guide to installing the CGI script and getting it ready to run.

Troubleshooting Installation
If you have problems with the Installation steps in the previous section, see this section for possible fixes and answers.

Getting Started
A summary of how the application works and the basic information needed to use it.

Administrative Application
Detailed documentation on the Admin application screens and options contained within.

Information on modifying templates, language translation, etc

How to create Plugins and what they can do.

Advanced Usage
How to use the script as a Server-Side-Include script, and on the command-line

Security Considerations
Information about possible ways to enhance security and prevent problems

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