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This demo is here to let you "play around" with the calendar and see how it works. Two calendars have been created, as well as a number of different users with different permissions granted to them. Login as different users to see what is possible and how the application can be customized to give you the level of control that you really need!

In order to keep the calendar clean and to provide everyone with the possibility of experimenting with it from the beginning, Everything will be reset every hour. That is, all events will be removed, all configuration changes lost, and everything will go back to a "fresh" state.

Some features have been disabled in this demo version, such as the ability to change passwords, in order to avoid problems with different people testing at the same time.

The two calendars available and their differences:

Default Calendar All standard Options
Limited Permissions Calendar< Login required, date format is european style (dd/MM/yyyy), 24-hour time format, HTML is allowed

Available Users

Name Login Password Description
Calendar Manager manager manager Has full permissions on every calendar, including the ability to create new calendars, users, and events, as well as change permissions and change settings
Calendar Configurator config config On the default calendar, can customize event fields and change calendar settings. Cannot access the limited permissions calendar
Events Maintainer events events Has full control over events on both calendars, but nothing else
Own Events Maintainer myevents myevents On the default calendar, has the ability to add events, and edit/delete only the events added by this user. Event additions are automatically approved.
On the Limited calendar, the events are NOT automatically approved, and must be approved by a user with the permissions to do so (events, manager).
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